MSU Billings Catalog

Native American Studies Minor

Required Courses

NASX 105Intro Native American Studies *3
NASX 205Native Americans in Contmp Soc *3
NASX 332MT Indians:Cltrs,Hist & Issues3
Select at least 3 credits chosen from the following:3
Independent Study
Internship/Cooperative Educ
Restricted Elective Courses
Select at least nine credits from among the following courses chosen in consultation with the Native American Studies staff/advisor:9
American Indian Art
Native American Literature
Native Americans & Environment
Federal Indian Law
Hist of American Indian Women
Federal Indian Policy
Independent Study
Internship/Cooperative Educ
Other appropriate courses in areas related to Native American Studies
The total number of elective credits required for the minor will be determined by the number of courses a student elects to take which fulfill both the General Education requirements and the minor requirements. Electives should be chosen in consultation with an academic advisor.
Total Minimum Credits21

May satisfy General Education requirements.

Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; students should check the course descriptions for required prerequisites.