MSU Billings Catalog

Accessibility Data

For Individual Buildings on Campus

General Accessibility

Building Entrance ramped on ground level Automatic entrance doors Number of accessible floors Stairs non-skid Interior ramps available Elevators
Apsaruke yes yes 3 yes yes/F P*
Art Annex yes yes 1 no
Cisel Hall yes yes 4 yes yes P*
College of Business (McDonald Hall) yes yes 3 yes P*
College of Education yes yes 4 yes no P*
City College Tech Building yes yes 2 yes P*
City College Health Sciences Building yes yes 2 yes no P*
Facility Services yes 1
Family Housing yes no 1
Liberal Arts yes yes 8 yes no P*
Library yes yes 3 no yes/F P*
McMullen Hall yes yes 4 yes no P*
Parking Garage yes yes yes P*
Petro Hall yes yes 8 no no P*
Physical Education yes yes 2 yes yes P*
Rimrock Hall yes yes 6 no no E/G,P*
Science yes yes 3 yes no P*
Security yes 1 yes
Student Union yes yes 2 no no P*

Restroom Facilities

Building Restroom designed for wheelchair Entrance door width = 32" Wall accessories below 40"/A Access to showers and tubs
Apsaruke yes yes yes
Art Annex yes yes yes
Cisel Hall yes/B yes yes
College of Business (McDonald Hall) yes/F yes yes
College of Education yes yes yes
City College Tech Building yes yes yes
City College Health Science Building yes yes no
Facilities Services yes yes yes
Family Housing yes yes yes yes
Liberal Arts yes/C yes yes
Library yes/D yes yes
McMullen Hall yes yes yes
Parking Garage
Petro Hall yes/H yes yes no
Physical Education yes yes yes yes
Rimrock Hall yes yes yes yes
Science yes no yes
Security yes yes yes
Student Union yes yes yes

A:  In most restrooms, the sinks but not the towels are below 40”

B:  Off ramp between new and old building

C:  1st floor, between Liberal Arts Building and Library/2nd & 5th floor Liberal Arts Building

D:  2nd floor, between Library doors and stairs

E:  Stairs to basement

F:  Wheelchair lifts

G:  Freight elevator does not have automatic doors

H:  Lobby area

P:   Passenger Elevators

*  Braille labels