MSU Billings Catalog

Student Access and Success

Montana State University Billings provides academic and student support programs and extracurricular activities that enhance and enrich the total student life of the University.  A wide range of services, resources and opportunities are available for every student including programs delivered through the Division of Student Access and Success and other activities that affect student life from admission through graduation.

MSU Billings Division of Student Access and Success Mission Statement

The Division of Student Access and Success provides exceptional service and cultivates an inclusive social and educational environment that enhances active student learning, engagement, development and success.

Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct

Montana State University Billings statement regarding students’ rights and responsibilities is as follows:

“Montana State University Billings is a community of scholars and members of such University communities have traditionally recognized their individual responsibilities in the development of a mature and sophisticated society.  By enrolling in the University, the student neither loses the rights nor escapes the duties of a citizen.  Each student should conduct his/her personal life in the context of mutual regard for the rights, property, and privileges of others.  Therefore, it is expected that students will demonstrate respect for the law and for the necessity of orderly conduct in the affairs of the local and campus community.  In certain circumstances where this preferred conduct fails, the University will rely upon the rules and procedures described in its Code of Student Conduct to hold students accountable for maintaining the responsibilities that follow.

A brief summary of student notifications and policies are highlighted below.  For a complete listing of all policy details, forms, and additional information, visit the website:

Student Rights

One of the priorities of Montana State University Billings is to provide each student the opportunity to learn.  Therefore, some personal freedoms and rights of students include, but are not limited to:

  1. Freedom of inquiry, speech, and assembly.
  2. Freedom from threats.
  3. Freedom from acts of violence.
  4. Freedom from unfair or obscene treatment from others.
  5. Freedom from interference from others in an unreasonable and unauthorized manner while in class, activities, and public events.
  6. Freedom from theft and willful destruction of personal property.
  7. Right to study and learn in an atmosphere of academic freedom.
  8. Right to procedural due process in University misconduct action.
  9. Right to be governed by justifiable academic regulations.
  10. To be informed in writing of the academic requirements determined by individual instructors.
  11. Right to be informed of the regulations for academic and social conduct, and graduation requirements of the University.
  12. Right to petition for redress of grievances, academic and non-academic

Student Responsibilities

Each student has the responsibility:

  1. To respect the rights and property of others.
  2. To be fully acquainted and comply with the published rules and regulations of the University.
  3. To comply with all local, state, and federal laws.
  4. To recognize that student activities reflect upon the individuals involved as well as upon the entire University community.
  5. To recognize the University’s obligation to provide a safe environment conducive for learning and academic inquiry.
  6. To adhere to the academic requirements determined by individual instructors.
  7. To abide by the reasonable direction of a University official acting within the legitimate scope of his or her duties.”

Student Access and Success & Related Phone Numbers

Student Affairs Phone Number
Academic Support Center 406-657-1641
Admissions 406-657-2888
Advising Center 406-657-2240
Associated Students of MSUB 406-657-2365
Athletics/Yellowjacket Sports 406-657-2369
Business Services/Cashier 406-657-2140
Campus Activities/Engagement 406-657-2387
Campus Police/Parking 406-657-2147
Campus Store 406-657-2121
Career & Employment Services 406-657-2168
City College Student Services (Jacket Student Central) 406-247-3012
D2L Support (Online Learning) 406-247-5755
Dean of Student Engagement 406-657-1696
Disability Support Services 406-657-2283
Diversity Center 406-896-5902
Educational Talent Search 406-657-2116
Financial Aid and Scholarship 406-657-2188
Housing & Residence Life 406-657-2333
Information Technology (Service Desk) 406-247-5755
Library 406-657-1662
Military & Veterans Success Center 406-657-2968
Native American Achievement Center 406-657-2182
New Student Services 406-657-2888
Registrar/Transcripts 406-657-2158
ROTC/Military Science 406-247-5733
Student Health Services 406-657-2153
Student Support Services/TRIO at MSUB 406-657-2162
Student Support Services/TRIO at City College 406-247-3051
U-Card/ID Cards 406-657-2023
Upward Bound 406-657-2180
Vice Chancellor for Student Access & Success 406-657-2307

Advising Center

McMullen First Floor West, (406) 657-2240
City College Jacket Student Central, (406) 247-3019

The Advising Center assists students in understanding academic requirements, enabling them to complete their program requirements as efficiently as possible.  Through one-on-one meetings and First Year Seminar courses, advisors help students develop the skills necessary to be successful. 

Career & Employment Services

Library 100, (406) 657-2168
City College Jacket Student Central, (406) 657-2168

Career & Employment Services provides career exploration and helps students access part-time jobs, internships, and work-study opportunities while they are in school, and help them secure full-time employment upon graduation.

Internships/Job Locator

Library 100, (406) 657-2168
City College Jacket Student Central, (406) 657-2168

Internships create educational partnerships among Montana State University Billings, the business community, and students.  This unique academic experience allows students to earn academic credit while combining classroom learning with practical work experience.  Learn more at

Career & Employment Services can help students through the internship search and registration process. Students are not automatically placed in an internship, they will need to apply and interview for internships, just like applying for a job.  The application process can be competitive, so students are encouraged to start their search early and have Career & Employment Services review their resume and cover letter to give them the best chance of landing the perfect spot.

Students may begin looking for internships on CareerLink, at  Students can also make an appointment with Career & Employment Services to contact those potential employers.  For students who want to consider utilizing their current employer for internships, they would need to make sure at least 75% of the internship duties must be new and different from the student’s day-to-day duties in their current position.  For all internships, at least 80% of the job duties must be degree-related in nature.

Associated Students of Montana State University Billings (ASMSUB)

SUB 213, (406) 657-2365

The Associated Students of Montana State University Billings (ASMSU Billings) are governed by a Student Senate, the functions of which are to administer and to distribute student activity fees, to act as liaison among students, faculty, and administration, to protect the privileges and the rights of students, and to act as a central agent for student opinion.

Dining Services

Student Union Building, (406) 657-2383

Montana State University Billings Dining Services offers a dining program for students, faculty, and staff.  Students living in the residence halls participate in the campus dining program by purchasing one of six meal plans consisting of dining dollars and board meals.  Board meals are used for an all-you-care-to-eat meals in Rimrock Café.  Dining dollars can be used in any of the dining venues including Rimrock Café, Stingers Bistro, Jazzman’s, SUB Connection, and City College Café.

Dining locations on the University campus include Rimrock Café and Stingers Bistro, located in the SUB, as well as Jazzman’s and SUB Connection, located in the Liberal Arts Building.  City College Campus offers City College Café as well as Starbucks Coffee.

Rimrock Café offers an array of fresh daily choices that includes a complete breakfast buffet and made to order items, The Grill, cooked to order Chef’s Table, from-scratch soups, a fresh salad bar that includes vegan items, Made-to-Order Deli, home-style entrees, a selection of pizzas, and assorted beverages and desserts.  Stingers Bistro is proud to offer a full selection of Starbucks coffee and Frappuccinos.  We are also the first Jamba Juice in the state of Montana offering a selection of fresh smoothies.  Stingers menu has a great selection of paninis, wraps, and our Signature Mac and Cheese.  Jazzman’s and SUB Connection offer a variety of sub sandwiches, chips, and beverages, signature Jazzman’s coffee, and blended beverages, as well as baked daily pastries.  City College Café offers a selection of grab-n-go products, hot breakfast, a choice of grill, pizza, from-scratch soups, a fresh salad bar, and a made to order deli.

Disability Support Services

MSUB University Campus:  College of Education 135
(406) 657-2283 (V)
(406) 545-2518 (VP)

City College Campus:  Tech Building A016
(406) 247-3029 (V)
(406) 545-1026 (VP)

Disability Support Services (DSS) collaborates with faculty, staff, and students to make MSUB accessible to everyone.  Students are encouraged to contact DSS to identify themselves and work one-on-one with DSS staff to remove both academic and physical barriers.  To learn more about the program, visit the website

Diversity Center

SUB 212, (406) 896-5902

The Diversity Center is committed to providing a welcoming campus environment for all students, faculty, staff, and guests.  The Diversity Center fosters social and professional opportunities, as well as advocacy for all multicultural students.  The mission of this office is to ensure we are meeting the various needs diverse populations through fair and equal representation as well as increased opportunity for learning and understanding about diverse topics.

The Diversity Center offers leadership opportunities for students through clubs or organized meeting groups.  Each group is student focused and student driven with opportunities to engage in campus and community programs, events, and socials.

Housing & Residence Life

SUB 225, (406) 657-2333

Residence Halls

Montana State University Billings provides on-campus living facilities for students who are actively pursuing an educational.  The residence halls offer an environment which is desirable for those who are seeking a well-rounded education.  Participation in hall programming and community living is part of the complete experience the residence hall provides.

The residence halls offer a safe and fun-filled environment where students can live well, work well, and be well during their college experience.  The residence hall experience includes some amazing benefits like wireless technology throughout the halls, in room sink, cable television in the floor lobby areas, laundry services (u-card and quarter accepted), and more.  Visit for more information about the residence hall experience.

Students with disabilities are encouraged to make arrangements for any specific needs with the Office of Housing & Residence Life and Disability Support Services prior to moving on campus.

Residence hall living is available during Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions and during break periods to those students meeting the necessary requirements.

To apply for on-campus housing, call (406) 657-2333 or visit to apply for housing.

Family Housing

MSU Billings offers 10 family housing apartments for students currently enrolled at MSU Billings.  Family housing eligibility includes:  married students, single parent with children, or married students with children.  Family housing apartments include 6 three-bedroom apartments and 4 two-bedroom apartments.  There is an application and $25.00 application fee to place your name on the waiting list for an available apartment.

To obtain more information about family housing apartments, contact Housing & Residence Life at (406) 657-2333 or visit

Housing Application

Residents who complete their online Housing Applications and pay their $125 Non-Refundable Application Fee to reserve a room have entered into a legally binding agreement with Montana State University Billings for the purchase of housing for the academic year.  Once a student has moved into the residence halls and accepted or signed for a room key and has signed a contract, he/she is financially obligated by the contract for the entire year, and may only be released for the following reasons:

  1. Withdrawal from Montana State University Billings
  2. Graduation from Montana State University Billings
  3. Internship or student teaching assignment out of the area
  4. Medical related condition
  5. Financial hardship
  6. Documented disability 
  7. Marriage
  8. Living with family/legal guardian in Yellowstone County
  9. Academic or disciplinary suspension

Any student wishing to cancel a Housing Contract for an upcoming term must complete the online Contract Release Request form at least two weeks prior to the first day of classes in order to receive a full refund of fees for the semester.  Room and board rates, programs, and rules and regulations governing the residence halls are subject to change without notice.  An optional installment plan is available for payment of room and board through the office of Business Services.  Students may pay room and board in full at the beginning of each term or select the installment plan.  This selection is made in conjunction with regular fee payment.

On-Campus Requirement

Required to live on campus:  Students who are 20 years or younger, 3 years out of high school, and under 30 credits at the start of the fall semester.

Automatically exempt from housing (no form is required):

  • Students over 21 years of age, as verified through MSUB student information systems
  • Students who have completed 30+ college credits by the start of the fall semester
Exemptions to the live on requirement (form/documentation required):
  • Living with family member/guardian(legal guardian, parent, or grandparent) within Yellowstone County
  • Active military/veteran 
  • Enrolled in 5 or fewer credits
  • Online student - must be enrolled in all online classes
  • Non-Degree seeking student
  • Marriage
  • Physical custody of a dependent child
  • Financial hardship
  • Medical related condition
  • Documented disability
  • Completed one full academic year at a college or university while living in a residence hall
  • Unusual circumstances

Note:  City College students are not exempt from the live on requirement and must sign up for housing accordingly or complete an exemption request that meets any other exemption area.

Note:  Students who do not submit an application for on-campus housing or submit an approved exemption form by May 1, 2023 will be subject to a registration hold placed on their account for the fall 2023 semester until either an application or an approved exemption for is submitted. Please go to to complete an exemption form.

Campus Store

Student Union Building, (406) 657-2121

The Campus Store is located in the Student Union to provide the campus community with all required course materials through the website, and carries in store a wide selection of school and office supplies, imprinted apparel, computers, software, electronics, gifts, greeting cards, and sundries at competitive prices.  The Campus Store also features a convenience store.

New Student Orientation

McMullen First Floor, (406) 657-2240

New Student Services and Admissions coordinates the MSUB Orientation Program.  This program is designed to provide new students a smooth transition to MSUB.  Adult Learners and Transfer students are highly encouraged to attend Adult Learner or Transfer Learner Orientation prior to the fall semester.  Students starting at MSUB in a spring or summer term should contact the New Student Services at 406-657-2888 or Jacket Student Central (406) 247-3019 to visit about orientation and registration options.

Student Health Services

Petro Hall, (406) 657-2153
City College, (406) 247-3027

Student Health Services (SHS) is an ambulatory health care facility which provides high quality, cost-effective health care and mental health counseling with an emphasis on health education and wellness initiatives to promote and enhance student success.  With a staff of advanced practice professional nurses (with some contracted through SCL Health), a Registered Nurse, mental health counselors, and a wellness specialist, we provide health care, immunizations, COVID-19 testing, mental health counseling, and health education.  SHS strives to encourage students to become responsible and knowledgeable consumers of health care.  All students enrolled for seven or more credits are charged the Student Health Service fee each semester.  It is an optional fee for six or fewer credits.  

Student Health Insurance

All MSU Billings students enrolled in six or more credits are required to have some form of health insurance.  A student health insurance policy is available to MSUB students.  Before registering, students will be asked to elect or waive this insurance.  Students must elect or waive the health insurance before the 15th class day of fall or spring semesters.  Each semester the premium is for a period of six months, therefore, enrolling in both semesters ensures twelve (12) months of coverage.  Online-only students should contact Student Health Services regarding insurance availability.

Note:  All students are eligible to use the Student Health Services, whether or not they enroll in the student health insurance.

Insurance policy brochures are available at fee payment and at the Student Health Services office on the 2nd floor of Petro Hall and the City College SHS, 2nd floor of the Tech Building.

Full information about the student health insurance program, provided by the Montana University Insurance Consortium, is available at

Student Support Services (SSS/TRIO)

MSUB University Campus:  Library 141
(406) 657-2162

City College Campus:  Tech Building A021
(406) 247-3051

This federally funded program is located on both the MSUB and City College campuses SSS/TRIO assists 400 eligible students by helping them successfully navigate college and earn a two or four-year degree.  To be eligible, students must be working on a degree (Bachelor’s degree at MSUB or certificate/Associate's degree from City College) and meet one of the following:  be from a low-income background (such as Pell grant eligible), be a first-generation college student, or have a documented physical, emotional, or learning disability.  SSS/TRIO offers the following free of charge to qualifying students:

  • Mentoring and advising
  • Tutoring and study groups
  • Skills building workshops
  • Assistance completing FAFSA and scholarship applications
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Financial literacy and budgeting assistance
  • Referrals to community organizations (to assist with food, housing, transportation, etc.)
  • Midterm evaluations
  • Assistance in graduation preparation
  • Help transferring to a four-year or graduate institution
  • Academic boot camp summer bridge program
  • Textbook lending library
  • Laptop loaner program
  • Equipment rental (SmartPens, calculators, etc.)
  • And much more!

Center for Engagement & Campus Activities

SUB 219, (406) 657-2387

The Center for Engagement serves as the community hub for students, faculty, staff and guests visiting the Montana State University Billings campus.  The Student Union is centrally located on the campus with easy access to University services and facilities.  

Offices and Programs Housed in the Student Union

In addition to the Center for Engagement, the Student Union provides space for the Campus Store, Campus Dining Services, Stingers Bistro, ASMSU Billings, Housing and Residence Life, Diversity Center, Academic Support Center, Petro Theater, The Retort (campus newspaper), Student Activities Board, and student organization offices.

Civic  and Community Engagement

MSU Billings strives to connect students to the community through meaningful service and educational opportunities.  We believe community involvement strengthens a sense of responsible and productive citizenship, which creates a lifelong commitment to service and leadership.

The Center for Engagement team will assist students in connecting to volunteer opportunities both on campus and in the community.  Students can utilize volunteerism to enhance their academic experience, to help in meeting other students, to get involved as a student and to help prepare to become a civic leader within the community following graduation.  The Center for Engagement coordinates monthly Service Saturday projects, MSUB Night on the Van in partnership with the Salvation Army, Campus Blood Drives, and many more opportunities.  Students can also utilize the Center for Engagement to connect to volunteer opportunities on an individual basis or students can access a community volunteer database at

Student Activities, Student Organizations, Leadership Development

The Center for Engagement coordinates and supervises the registration of all campus student organizations.  The Center provides organizations with support, consultation services, resources, and leadership development and recognition programs.  The Center is also the University contact for students seeking assistance to charter and organize new student organizations on campus.

The University encourages a variety of student activities and organizations, insofar as they promote both positive activity and the objectives of the University.  The nonacademic aspects of student life can prove to be immensely valuable with enriching the student experience.  Many co-curricular activities are related to coursework and thus provide opportunities for applying knowledge and skills learned in the college classroom, in the studio, or in the laboratory.

Meeting and Conference Space

(406) 657-2387

MSU Billings provides meeting and conference rooms, event posting and displays, and public lounges.  The Center for Engagement coordinates the scheduling of campus space.

Student Activities Board

SUB 219, (406) 657-2257

The Student Activities Board coordinates a balanced program of cultural, social and entertainment events appropriate to the educational goals and needs of the campus community.  The board consists of 13 selected student members and two advisors.  Selection of board members occurs during fall and spring.

Upward Bound/TRIO

CI 306, (406) 657-2180

Upward Bound is a federally funded high school scholarship program designed to generate in participants the skills and motivation needed to enroll and graduate from a program of postsecondary education.  Participants must meet federal eligibility criteria, as well as demonstrate interest and motivation for pursuing education beyond high school.  Services include:  academic advising, instruction and tutoring, an on campus summer academic program, postsecondary enrollment assistance, and cultural and social experiences.

Educational Talent Search/TRIO

CI 306, (406) 657-2116

Educational Talent Search (ETS) is a federally funded TRIO program designed to assist 6th to 12th grade students prepare for and attend a post-secondary institution of their choice upon high school graduation.  Participants must meet federal eligibility criteria and demonstrate interest and motivation to pursue education beyond high school.  The ETS program serves 600 eligible students in Yellowstone County.  Services include academic advising, instruction and tutoring, post-secondary enrollment assistance, and cultural and social experiences.

Native American Achievement Center

2630 Normal Avenue
(406) 657-2144, (406) 657-2182

Sunny Day Real Bird, Director

The Native American Achievement Center (NAAC) assists American Indian students in making academic, cultural, and social adjustments to Montana State University Billings. The NAAC staff are available to help students apply, enroll, graduate, and launch into a successful career.  Services include individualized assistance with relocation to Billings, advocacy and referral to campus and off-campus services, study skills coaching, and scholarship applications.  The staff help students identify internships that are relevant to the American Indian community.  The Native American Achievement Center has a small classroom for some of the Native American Studies classes, or meetings. At City College there is a Native Student Lounge on the second floor of the Tech Building for any Native student to use.

The center hosts the annual American Indian Heritage Day, Veterans Medicine Wheel, and the MSUB Powwow.  The Director serves as a liaison with tribal educational representatives and other community organizations.  These relationships foster collaboration with the surrounding communities to host events and many other social gatherings that help our students feel connected to their culture and other Native people in the Billings region.  The Native American Achievement Center is a home away from home for Native students.

The establishment of the Native American Achievement Center demonstrates that MSUB recognizes and is invested in cultural diversity.  The center provides students a familiar setting in an effort to ensure continuing collegiate success.

All Nations Club is open to all interested students.  The All Nations Club is a student organization, established to assist Native American students in their adjustment to university life, to promote scholastic ability, and to foster pride in the cultural heritage of the Native American.  The club is involved with the planning and sponsorship of an annual Pow Wow, the largest student-sponsored campus event.  Other activities include social events that are culturally appropriate to share in a campus environment such as dances, Native games, documentary films, and Native cuisine.

Military and Veterans Success Center and VA School Certifying Official

COE 106, (406) 657-2968
Shane Grantham, Director

The Military and Veterans Success Center (MVSC) supports all military-affiliated students at Montana State University Billings. Our Mission is to provide transition guidance, academic support, and advocate for the educational success of all veterans, veterans' spouses, and military-affiliated students on campus. Our goal is to expand the veteran and military-affiliated students’ educational experience, access to benefits, assist with enrollment, and persistence to graduation through timely and consistent support while offering a military-friendly community. The staff is knowledgeable in DoD, VA, and Montana education benefit programs, the VA certification process, and earning college credit for your military training and experience. 

The Military and Veterans Success Center is located on the main campus in the College of Education, Room 106. We have a veterans' lounge at both MSU Billings and City College. The main campus lounge is collocated with the MVSC in the College of Education, while the City College lounge is on the first floor of the Tech Building. Both lounges are open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so that our military affiliated students can study and relax in between classes. There are kitchenettes located in each lounge along with free snacks, drinks, and printing.

VA School Certifying Official (VA Education Benefits)

COE 106, (406) 657-2968

The School Certifying Official (SCO) is located at the MVSC and is the primary point of contact for all students using VA education benefits. In order to ensure timely and accurate benefit payments, it is recommended that veterans and other military affiliated students check with the Military and Veteran's Success Center 30 - 45 days prior to registration. Students should notify the Military and Veterans Success Center staff whenever there is a change in contact information or enrollment. The SCO will work with students and their families in order to maximize military education benefits and connect students with other support services.

Please note that students must request certification every semester through the MVSC. 

Veterans Upward Bound

Cisel Hall 109, (406) 657-2075

The Veterans’ Upward Bound Program of Montana State University-Northern maintains a program at MSU Billings to assist veterans in learning the skills that will enable them to be successful in college.  Both day and evening courses are offered in areas such as College Planning, English, Math, Science, and Computers. 

Call (406) 657-2075 or toll free at (877) 356-8387 for assistance.