MSU Billings Catalog

Psychology Minor

Required Courses

PSYX 100Intro to Psychology *3
PSYX 222Psychological Statistics3
PSYX 225Research Design and Analysis3
PSYX 226Research Design and Analysis L1
Restricted Elective Courses13
Select four (4) courses from Group 1 and Group 2. At least one course, including a lab, must be selected from Group 1.
Group 1
Adv Psych Research Methods
and Adv Psych Research Methods Lab
Physiological Psychology
and Physiological Psychology Lab
Sensation & Perception
and Sensation & Perception Lab
Drugs and Behavior
and Drugs and Behavior Lab
Psychology of Learning
and Psychology of Learning Lab
Memory & Cognition
and Memory & Cognition Lab
Group 2
Developmental Psychology
Child Development
Psychology of Aging
Psychology of Gender
Abnormal Psychology
Child & Adolescent Psych Dis
Social Psychology
Soc Psych and Social Structure
Intro to Clinical Psyc
Psychology of Personality
Cognitive Learning Theories
Indust & Organiz Psych
Psychological Testing
Intro to Psycholinguistics
Total Minimum Credits23

May satisfy General Education requirements.

Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; students should check the course description for required prerequisites.