MSU Billings Catalog

Psychology Bachelor of Science Degree

Required Courses

General Education Requirements 131
Students should consult with an academic advisor before registering for General Education courses in order to minimize the number of courses needed to satisfy the requirements of the major.
A grade of “C” or higher is mandatory in all psychology courses satisfying these major requirements.
Required Courses
PSYX 100Intro to Psychology *3
PSYX 222Psychological Statistics3
PSYX 225Research Design and Analysis3
PSYX 226Research Design and Analysis L1
PSYX 400History & System in Psychology3
PSYX 499Senior Thesis3
The student is also required to complete a minimum of three semester credits in one of the following courses:3
Field Work
Independent Study
Internship/Cooperative Educ
Restricted Psychology Electives23
Select seven (7) courses from Group 1 and Group 2. At least two courses, including a lab, must be selected from Group 1.
Group 1
Adv Psych Research Methods
and Adv Psych Research Methods Lab
Physiological Psychology
and Physiological Psychology Lab
Sensation & Perception
and Sensation & Perception Lab
Drugs and Behavior
and Drugs and Behavior Lab
Psychology of Learning
and Psychology of Learning Lab
Memory & Cognition
and Memory & Cognition Lab
Group 2
Developmental Psychology
Child Development
Psychology of Aging
Psychology of Gender
Abnormal Psychology
Child & Adolescent Psych Dis
Social Psychology
Soc Psych and Social Structure
Intro to Clinical Psyc
Forensic Psychology
Psychology of Personality
Cognitive Learning Theories
Indust & Organiz Psych
Psychological Testing
Intro to Psycholinguistics
Language Requirements8
Writing Requirement3
Course selected in consultation with advisor. WRIT 201 is recommended.
Mathematics/Computer Science RequirementV 6-8
PSYX 222 may count in this category; additional course(s) selected in consultation with advisor.
ElectivesV 8-10
The total number of elective credits required for the degree will be determined by the number of courses a student elects to take which fulfill both the General Education requirements and the major requirements. Electives should be chosen in consultation with an academic advisor.
Total Minimum Credits120

The following General Education course also satisfies requirements in the major: PSYX 100


May satisfy General Education requirements.

Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; students should check the course descriptions for required prerequisites.

Suggested Plan of Study

This sample schedule is a suggested plan for students to follow in completing the Bachelor of Science Major in Psychology.  Due to course schedule changes and staff assignments, students may not be able to follow the plan exactly.  Students should consult with their advisors to plan classes before registering each term.

First Year
PSYX 100Intro to Psychology3
Math/Comp Sci Course3
General Education6
Foreign Language4
PSYX 222Psychological Statistics3
General Education6
Foreign Language4
Additional Writing Requirement3
Second Year
PSYX 225Research Design and Analysis3
PSYX 226Research Design and Analysis L1
Restricted Electives 4
General Education7
Math/Comp Sci Course3
Restricted Electives7
General Education6
Third Year
PSYX 400History & System in Psychology3
Restricted Electives6
General Education3
Minor/Ext Major/Elective3
Restricted Electives3
Minor/Ext Major/Elective12
Fourth Year
Minor/Ext Major/Elective13
PSYX 499Senior Thesis3
Field Work/Pract/Coop Ed3
Minor/Ext Major/Elective8