MSU Billings Catalog

International Studies Minor *Program placed on moratorium*

Required Core

HSTR 102Western Civilization II
PSCI 230Intro to International Rel *3
A course in modern language (see Language Requirement below)
LANG 499Intrnltnl Studies Capstone1

Language Requirement

Students are required to present a course in modern language as part of the core. If the student has had one year or less of high school foreign language, the language requirement is satisfied by successful completion of the second half of the elementary language sequence (FRCH/SPNS/etc. 102). If the student has had more than one year of high school foreign language, that student must successfully complete the second half of the intermediate language sequence (FRCH/SPNS/etc. 202). Only one language course will be counted toward the minor.

Option A: Study Abroad

After satisfying the core courses, the student is encouraged to choose an area for overseas study through consultation with the Director of the Office of International Studies. Credits earned while studying abroad will constitute the remaining courses for the fulfillment of the minor. Upon returning to campus or upon completion of the minor, the student will register for the capstone course LANG 499.

Option B: On Campus

In Option B, the student must first satisfy the core courses. Remaining courses will be selected so that they constitute a focus of interest such as Latin America, Asia, the Arts, or General Comparative. The student must then write a short essay which states the rationale for the choice of courses for the focus area. Upon completion of the focus area courses, the student will register for the capstone course LANG 499.

Suggested On Campus Focus Areas and Course Options:

Latin America focus
HSTR 336Modern Latin America3
HSTR 330History of Mexico3
LIT 307Latino Lit3
or SPNS 314 Latino Literature
Asia focus
HSTR 466Islamic Civilization3
PHL 271Indian Philsphies & Religions3
PHL 272Chinese Philsphies & Religions3
General Comparative focus
RLST 304Mythology Around the World3
Comparative Arts focus
ARTH 160Global Visual Culture *3
FILM 160Introduction to World Cinema *3
LIT 230World Lit Survey *3
MUSI 207World Music *3

Total Minimum Credits for Minor:  22-23


May satisfy General Education requirements.

Certain courses in the program have prerequisites; students should check the course descriptions for required prerequisites.