MSU Billings Catalog

SOCL - Sociology

SOCL 501 Our Social World. 3 Credits

Term Typically Offered: Fall

Prerequisite(s): Admission to Criminal Justice graduate program or consent of instructor.

3cr. Examines the influence of social structure on individual behavior. Encourages use of the sociological imagination to examine the social world. Promotes analytical and critical thinking skills that help students navigate the world individually, professionally, and as members of a global community.

Lecture Hours 3

Department: NAS/PS/SOCL

SOCL 590 Internship. 1-12 Credits

Department: NAS/PS/SOCL

SOCL 591 Independent Study. 1-5 Credits

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing and consent of the instructor, approval of the department chairperson and Dean of Arts and Sciences, and Independent Study contract filed with the Office of Graduate Studies prior to registration.

Provides an opportunity for students of superior academic standing to explore material beyond that covered by undergraduate courses in Sociology.

Department: NAS/PS/SOCL

SOCL 593 Workshop. 1-8 Credits

Provides an opportunity for experimental study at the advanced level in Sociology.

Department: HIST/NAS/PS/SOC