MSU Billings Catalog

ARTZ - Art: Visual Arts

ARTZ 587 Advanced Visual Arts Studies. 9 Credits

Term Typically Offered: Summer

Prerequisite(s): Bachelor’s degree in art or art education.

(45 lec/wk, 13 studio/wk) Provides an advanced intensive (8 week) study of specific topics in art history, theory, and criticism; two-dimensional art making; three-dimensional art making; and arts-based research. Develops imagery, form, narrative, and art teaching pedagogy techniques focused on secondary education populations engaged with post-secondary coursework.

Lecture Hours 9

Department: Art

ART 591 Independent Study. 1-5 Credits

Department: Art

ART 596 Cooperative Educ/Internship. 1-9 Credits

Lecture Hours 1-9

Department: Art