MSU Billings Catalog

Student Tuition and Fees

Student fees are based upon policies and decisions of the Montana University System Board of Regents.  Information concerning tuition and fees may be obtained by accessing the Business Services website at or calling (406) 657-2140.

Students are required to have adequate funds available to properly pay their tuition and fees and other related expenses.  Forms of payment accepted are cash, check and credit card.  Foreign checks are not accepted.

Graduate Tuition and Fee Schedule

Fall 2024

Tuition and fees are subject to change by authorization of the Board of Regents of Higher Education.  If you have questions on the current fees, please call the MSU Billings Student Accounts Office at (406) 657-2140 or stop by McMullen Hall ground floor west. Comprehensive fee and extra fee tables are available through the MSU Billings website at under Tuition & Fees.

Tuition and fees for graduate studies, extended studies, summer session, workshops, and conferences may be in addition to or in lieu of the required fees.  Please consult the publications pertaining to the special session, course, workshop or conference to determine those fees.

Determination of Resident Fee Status

The Montana University System classifies all applicants for admission and students as either in-state or out-of-state.  The basic rules for making the classification are found in the Board of Regents’ policy.  Each residency determination is based on the unique set of facts found in each individual’s case.  It is the student’s responsibility to secure and review a copy of the policy.  Failure to be aware of the rules will not be cause for granting exceptions to them.  A copy of the policy is available from the Registrar's Office at Montana State University Billings (McMullen first floor west, 406-657-2158).  A complete explanation and residency questionnaire is found in the Montana University System’s Student Guide to Montana’s Residency Policy.

Fee Schedule Explanation

Required Tuition and Fees Per Semester

Registration Fee

A $30.00 nonrefundable registration fee is assessed each enrolled student per semester.

Tuition Fee

Students are charged tuition each semester to pay for the delivery of the education they are receiving.  Resident students are subsidized by the State of Montana and pay a reduced tuition rate.

Associated Students Activity Fee & Recreational Activity Fee

Students enrolled for seven credit hours or more each semester are required to pay for activities sponsored by the Associated Students of Montana State University Billings.  Students enrolled for less than six credit hours pay a reduced activities fee each semester.  Online only students outside of the following counties do not pay this fee:  Yellowstone, Carbon, Treasure, Musselshell, Golden Valley, Stillwater, and Big Horn.

Academic Building Fee

The Academic Building fee varies based on the number of credit hours taken.  The funds generated from this fee are used to pay a portion of the costs of repair, maintenance, and operation of the state owned buildings on campus.

Resident and Nonresident Building Renewal and Replacement Fee

All students are charged a building fee for the building and replacement of campus structures.  A reduced rate is charged to students taking less than seven credits.  In addition, a nonresident building fee is collected from all students who are not residents of the State of Montana.

Equipment Renewal and Replacement Fee

Enrolled students are assessed an Equipment Renewal and Replacement Fee each semester.  This fee is used to replace obsolete equipment with new equipment and cover costs of equipment repairs.

Student Union Fee

Each semester students are assessed a fee pledged for the operation of the Student Union.  

Computer Fee

Students are assessed a computer fee to cover the expense of student used computer equipment and labs.

Library/Assessment Fee

All students are assessed a Library/Assessment fee.  Funds generated from this fee are used for the purchase of electronic resources, new and replacement books, periodicals, and other materials for the Library.  This fee is also used for assessment and accreditation tools for the university as a whole.

Athletic Fee

Students enrolled at MSU Billings are assessed a fee to subsidize the University’s athletic department and associated activities.  Students enrolled for seven credits or less pay a reduced athletic fee.  Online only students outside of the following counties do not pay this fee:  Yellowstone, Carbon, Treasure, Musselshell, Golden Valley, Stillwater, and Big Horn.

Academic Support Center Fee

All students are assessed a per-credit Academic Support Center fee.

Technology Replacement Fee

All students are assessed a tech replacement fee.  This fee is used to support the information technology infrastructure.  All students accessing email or the web are utilizing and benefiting from the tech replacement fee.

Technology Connection Fee

The Technology Connection Fee is replacing the Misc. Online Fee over Fall 23 through Spring 25. It is designed to defray the cost of electronic class delivery which includes personnel, computers, software, and related equipment which supports online learning.

Comprehensive Health Plan

Student health coverage consists of two parts:

Health Service

All students are entitled to services provided by the Student Health Service. Students enrolled in 7 or more credits are charged a mandatory fee.  Students enrolled for 6 credit hours or less may have the benefits of the Student Health Service by paying the semester fee.  Online only students outside of the following counties do not pay this fee:  Yellowstone, Carbon, Treasure, Musselshell, Golden Valley, Stillwater, and Big Horn.

Health Insurance

All Montana State University Billings students enrolled in 6 or more credits are required to have some form of health insurance.  Before registering, students will be asked to elect or waive the student health insurance.  A student health insurance policy is available to MSU Billings students. All students are eligible for health insurance if enrolled for 6 or more credits.  The waiver or election process must be completed by the 15th day of fall and spring semesters.  The premiums are paid on a semester basis along with tuition and fees.  Each semester the premium is for a period of 6 months, therefore, they will be covered whether or not they are taking summer semester classes.  Online-only students should contact Student Health Services regarding insurance availability.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees may be paid after courses are selected.  Tuition and fees are due by the first day of classes for each semester.  Summer semester tuition and fees are due by the first day of classes for the first session which you are attending.  Tuition and fees may be paid by mail.  Student bills may be accessed in MYINFO on the MSU Billings secure student website at

Students may elect to pay their fees in installments.  The installment payment method for Fall/Spring requires 1/4 down, 1/4 within 30 days, 1/4 within 60 days and 1/4 within 90 days.  Summer session installments will require 1/3 down, 1/3 on June 1, and 1/3 on July 1.  A $30.00 administrative charge is assessed to students using the installment method.  Students not paying in accordance with the terms of the deferred fee contract will be charged a $15.00 late payment fee per installment, and may have their enrollment canceled.  If a bank declines payment on a personal check and returns it to Montana State University Billings, a late registration fee shall be charged to the student offering the check as a payment of fees.

The student is responsible to pay all tuition, fees, and other associated costs, which may include, but are not limited to, housing, meals, fines, or incidental charges assessed as a result of course/housing registration and/or receipt of services. Any debt remaining must be paid before the student can re-enroll, graduate, or receive a transcript, and the student may be ineligible to defer payments in the future.  All legal means will be used to collect any unpaid loans.  Collection fees may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33% of the debt, and all other expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees the University incur in such collection efforts.

Payment may be made by check or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or Discover) in person, or via the MSU Billings secure website through MYINFO at

Late Registration Fee

A nonrefundable fee of $40.00 is payable by all students who do not pay during the designated fee payment period unless their late payment was due to the fault of Montana State University Billings.  If a bank declines payment on a personal check and returns it to Montana State University Billings, a late registration fee shall be charged to the student offering the check as payment of fees.  The late registration fee applies to students enrolled for seven or more credits on the date specified in the Schedule of Courses.  It applies to those enrolled for six credits or less beginning the second week of classes.

Non-Payment of Fees

No person who owes Montana State University any fees, fines or other charges will be permitted to

  1. receive academic credit or grades;
  2. register;
  3. secure a transcript, diploma, or other record; or,
  4. access any MSU Billings facilities or services,

regardless of the relationship there of to the amount owed, until the full amount due has been paid or satisfactorily adjusted with Business Services.  All legal means will be used to collect any unpaid loans.  Collection fees may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 33% of the debt, and all other expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees the University incur in such collection efforts.  MSU Billings shall have the right to apply any portion of any amount it may owe such individual for any reason, including wages, to payment of the balance owed MSU Billings.


Unless otherwise required by the Higher Education Act of 1965 as amended, students withdrawing from Montana State University Billings are refunded the fees paid in accordance with the schedule established by the Board of Regents.  In order for a student to receive a refund under the Board of Regents’ policy, an official withdrawal form must be on file in the Registrar's Office.  The following policies govern the amount refunded:

  1. Registration fee is nonrefundable.
  2. 90 percent of all remaining fees will be refunded to the end of the fifth classroom day.
  3. 75 percent of all remaining fees will be refunded to the end of the 10th classroom day.
  4. 50 percent of all remaining fees will be refunded to the end of the 15th classroom day.
  5. Refunds will not be made after the 15th day of classes.
  6. Refunds are determined as of the day the student officially withdraws from college and not from the date of last class attendance.
  7. Classroom days are determined by the college calendar, not by the student’s class schedule.

MSU Billings students receiving Title IV funds and who officially or unofficially withdraw or are expelled, up to the 60% point of the semester, may be required to return federal funds.  Students may also be entitled to a post withdrawal refund up to the 60% point of the semester.  Examples of the Federal Title IV policy may be obtained at the MSU Billings Financial Aid Office.  Financial aid recipients will not receive refunds until their financial aid is repaid (Pell Grant, SEOG Grant, SSIG Grant, Perkins Loan, FFEL Loans, fee waivers, and some scholarships).  If the refund is insufficient to repay the financial aid programs, students will be billed for the over-awards.

Students who owe repayments to any federally sponsored student aid program cannot receive any type of federal student aid.  Students are responsible for repayment of all financial aid returned on their behalf by the University.  Students failing to make satisfactory repayment are responsible for all collection costs incurred in the collecting of the debt.

Changes in Credit Load after Payment of Fees

Students adding classes after payment of tuition and fees are required to pay any additional tuition and fees created by the change in credit load.

Students dropping some classes (but not withdrawing) will receive a 100 percent refund on classes dropped before the end of the 15th classroom day.  Refunds will not be made for classes dropped after the 15th classroom day.  A $5.00 drop processing fee will be assessed for each class dropped during any given semester.

Other Fees

Graduate Application Fee

A $40.00 nonrefundable application fee is assessed each person applying for admission to Montana State University Billings for the first time as a graduate student or to take graduate courses.  The applicant has one calendar year from the semester of initial application to apply for readmission without paying an additional application fee.

Audit Fee

Any person not otherwise enrolled, and who does not want to register in a course for college credit, may, with approval, enroll upon payment of a per credit hour audit fee as outlined in the Inventory of Fees.  Regularly enrolled students who elect to audit a course must pay the normal per credit hour fee as outlined in the student fee schedule.  Audit fees are nonrefundable.

Course-Related Fees

Several Montana State University Billings courses require additional fees.  Examples of these include art materials, laboratory courses, or field trips.  Some practicum and internship classes require an extra fee for professional liability insurance.  A complete schedule of course related fees is available from Business Services.

Field Based Liability Insurance

During their internship and clinical practice, students in the Rehabilitation Counseling program or any student doing a field-based experience in a nonpublic school setting, must be covered by liability insurance.  Business Services will add this fee (typically $30.00 a semester) for professional liability coverage to the semester bill.

Graduation Fee

A $50.00 nonrefundable fee is assessed per degree for each application to graduate. Late graduation applications will be assessed a $25.00 late fee. 

Parking Permits

All vehicles parked on University property must display a current Montana State University Billings parking permit on weekdays when classes are in session during the hours specified in the “Montana State University Billings Traffic and Parking Regulations” brochure.

Transcript Fee

Students may receive one free official transcript.  Each official transcript thereafter must be paid by the student.  No charge is assessed for unofficial transcripts.

Returned Check Fee

An administrative service fee is assessed each time a check is returned by a bank.  Any check tendered in payment of fees and returned by a bank may result in the postponement of a student’s registration and a late registration charge.  Student registration is not complete until all fees have been paid or arrangements made for payments.  Tuition and fees are paid per semester.