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Outreach & Community Programs

Lisa Skriner, Director of Workforce and Resource Development
(406) 247-3055;

City College at MSU Billings Workforce Training Center

As City College at MSU Billings evolves into a comprehensive community college, a critical part of its mission is to become a center for community learning.  City College, with funding from the U.S. Department of Labor, has developed a Workforce Training Center focusing on skill development in support of local business and industry.  The Workforce Training Center offers short-term non-credit courses, modular-based courses delivered in hybrid formats, and access to City College academic courses and programs.

The Workforce Training Center has acquired extensive resources for training that include:

  • Commercial Driver License Training with a new semi-truck and trailers.
  • A $250,000 Mobile Energy Workforce Training Lab complete with satellite link-up to deliver training anywhere it is needed throughout the region.
  • Portable computer labs with laptops designed to deliver software and simulator-based training.
  • Portable welding and HazMat equipment that allows instructors to deliver training in a variety of settings and give students real-world, hands-on experience that replicates what they will encounter in the field.
  • Simulator trainers as follows:  Amatrol - AC/DC electrical, hydraulics and pneumatics, PLCs, process control, and rigging.
  • Heavy equipment machines as follows:  Caterpillar 14M Motor Grader, Volvo BL60, Bobcat Skidsteer, and Bobcat Versahandler to offer students hands-on experience.

Customized Solutions

Why outsource your training issues when you can in-source a training director to be part of your executive team?  Through a multi-step, consultative process, we listen to your needs and design a customized organizational development solution that may include technical and “soft skills” training.  City College at MSU Billings can bring the resources of MSU Billings to your business and help you achieve the next level.

As an effective community partner, the City College at MSU Billings Workforce Training Center develops and delivers customized training contracts for local businesses.  These contracts include courses delivered on campus and at employer’s worksites.  Courses have included safety training, skills training, software, HazMat, and a variety of other specially developed courses.  Many of the courses offer nationally recognized, portable skills certifications.

For additional information about the City College at MSU Billings Workforce Training Center, contact Lisa Skriner, at (406) 247-3055.

Certification Testing Center

A variety of testing services are administered at City College at MSU Billings.  Sylvan Prometric tests are available for areas including Microsoft, A+, Novell, Cisco, IBM, Lotus, J.D. Edwards, Auto Glass Technician, etc.  The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) testing program offers certification tests for Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Access.  Additional ways to serve the community by expanding the certification test offerings in additional areas are always being sought.  For more information please contact our Library/Testing Center at (406) 247-3025.

Community Education

City College at MSU Billings frequently collaborates with other organizations in the region to offer conferences and workshops.  Conference and workshop topics include agriculture, healthcare, computer network security, leadership and other areas of professional development.  City College at MSU Billings Conferences are regionally known for their quality and timeliness.

Summer Camps

City College has offered a wide array of summer camps for youth ranging from primary to secondary education each summer.  Many of the camps focus on informing students of available educational and career paths, while providing them with skills development and educational growth.  Successful summer camps have included Kid’s Construction Camps for Girls and Boys and Energy Explorers focused on Process Plant Technology.

MSU Billings Online University

Online Advising: or (406) 657-2240

Offered Online

We are pleased to be able to offer you an opportunity to take college courses via the internet as a way of overcoming barriers of time and place.  Our students have told us they need the ability to reach their academic goals in an environment that affords them freedom and flexibility, comfort and convenience, and more time for work and family.  By combining our commitment to Access and Excellence with the technology that allows you to “Learn Online… Anywhere…Anytime,” this program ensures that you can achieve your personal, professional, and academic goals without sacrificing the other things that are important in your life.

Through the MSU Billings Online University, you can complete General Education requirements as well as the following certificates and degrees listed below.  We are continuously reviewing our programs to determine what we can offer in an online format.  To get a current list of degrees and classes offered online, please check the online website

Online Programs currently offered at the City College at MSU Billings:

Associate Degree Programs
A.A.S. Accounting Technology
A.A. General Studies (Self-Designed)
A.S. General Studies (Self-Designed)
A.S. Business Administration
A.S. Human Resources-Applied Emphasis
A.S. Human Resources-College of Business Articulated Emphasis

Certificates of Applied Science
Human Resources Management
Medical Coding & Insurance Billing
Ultrasound Technology

Please refer to the program requirements for information on any of these programs.

Students can also take individual online courses for professional development, to transfer to another institution, to apply toward another MSU Billings degree program, or to supplement your on-campus course schedule with an online learning experience.

Students are encouraged to work with an advisor when pursuing any of these degree programs to ensure that courses selected will successfully meet all degree requirements and also fulfill the student’s academic interests and goals.  For academic advising and course selection assistance, please contact the MSU Billings Online University Advisor at

International Studies

McD 150 (406) 657-1705

Who am I?  What is my place in this world?  The International Studies Program seeks to engage students in a process of awakening.  Through various study abroad programs and the International Studies Minor, students begin to experience the complexity of cultures and the richness of diversity.  The end result produces students who are involved, lifelong learners, with a concern for the world in which we live, and an ability to become leaders who think of future generations.

The Office of International Studies (OIS), McDonald Hall 150, provides support services for current and prospective international students, the International Studies Club, and facilitates study abroad applications, as well as the Be a Foreign Friend (BFF) program.