MSU Billings Catalog

General Studies (Self-Designed) AA/AS (Offered online)

The AA/AS in General Studies degree is designed for students who would like to earn a foundation of general education and transfer to a baccalaureate program.  Students complete 31 credits of General Education and can choose courses from each category in the menu below.  In consultation with an advisor, students choose 29 credits of elective courses that will help them to prepare for the bachelor’s degree of their choice.

General Education Courses

More information on General Education Requirements.

1. Global Academic Skills
A. Mathematics
Select three credits from the following:3
Contemporary Mathematics
Extended Technical Mathematics
College Algebra
College Trigonometry
Math for Elementary Teachers I
College Math for Healthcare
Finite Mathematics
Survey of Calculus
Calculus I
Intro to Statistical Concepts
Introduction to Statistics
B. English
Select three credits from the following:3
College Writing I
Intro to Technical Writing
Intro to Business Writing
C. Information Literacy
Select three credits from the following:3
Cyber Security & Electronic Co
Intro to Public Speaking
Intro to Interpersonal Comm
Communication in Small Groups
Honors Inquiry and Research
Research in the Info Age
2. Natural Sciences
Regarding Natural Sciences, students are required to take one course from Life Sciences and one course from Physical Sciences. At least one course must include a corresponding laboratory.7
Select three credits from the following with a corresponding laboratory courses if not taken in Physical Sciences:
Discover Biology
Discover Biology Lab
Fund of Bio for Allied Health
Fund Bio: Nature of Nutrition
Principles of Living Systems
Principles Living Systems Lab
Select three credits from the following with a corresponding laboratory courses if not taken in Life Sciences:
Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to Astronomy Lab
Intro to General Chemistry
Intro to Gen Chem Lab
College Chemistry I
College Chemistry I Lab
Intro to Physical Geology
Intro to Physical Geology Lab
Spatial Sciences Tech and Appl
Spatial Sciences & Tech Lab
Our Physical World
Our Physical World Lab
College Physics I
College Physics I Lab
Students can satisfy Natural Sciences by taking the following:
Integrated Sciences I
Integrated Sciences II
Integrated Sciences Lab I
Integrated Science Lab II
Social Sciences and History
Social Sciences
Select three credits from the following:3
Introduction to Business
Comm in a Dynamic Workplace
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Education and Democracy
Personal Health and Wellness
Intro to American Government
Intro to Comparative Govt
Intro to Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Select three credits from the following:3
American History I
American History II
World History to 1500 CE
Modern World History
Intro to International Rel
Cultural Diversity
Select three credits from the following:3
Culture & Society
Global Visual Culture
Intro to Intercultural Comm
Human Geography
Global Health Issues
World Lit Survey
World Music
Intro Native American Studies
Native Americans in Contmp Soc
Intro to Diversity in Counslng
The Religious Quest
The Hispanic Tradition
Women, Culture & Society
Arts and Humanities
Fine Arts
Select three credits from the following:3
Visual Language-Drawing
Visual Language-2-D Fndtns
Visual Language-3-D Fndtns
Ceramics for Non-Majors
Intro Creative Writing Wrkshp
Introduction to World Cinema
Film & Lit
Enjoyment of Music
Band: MSUB Symphonic
Jazz Ensemble I: MSUB
Choral Ensemble: Univ Chorus
Exploring Digital Photography
Introduction to Theatre
Select three credits from the following:3
Introduction to Art History
Perspectives and Understanding
Intro to Literature
Montana Literature
Introduction to Ethics
Philosophies of Life
Total Minimum Credits60
  • Earn a minimum of 60 semester credits with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better
  • Satisfy the General Education requirements of MSU Billings
  • Earn a C- or better in all General Education requirements
  • A minimum of 20 semester credits with 40 grade points must be earned at MSU Billings