MSU Billings Catalog

Psychology Master of Science

Required Courses

PSYC 505Clinical Research Methods3
PSYC 510Adv Social Psychology3
PSYC 515Psychopathology3
PSYC 520Human Neuropsychology3
PSYC 525Psyc Assmnt of Cgntv Abilities3
PSYC 530Psychopharmacology3
PSYC 535Techniques of Psychotherapy3
PSYC 540Theories of Psychotherapy3
PSYC 545Stress and Health3
PSYC 590Internship3
PSYC 591Independent Study3
PSYC 592Seminar3
PSYC 593Workshop3
STAT 541Applied Statistics3
Total Minimum Credits42

Once admitted to degree candidacy, each student will meet with an advisor and complete a program plan.  Each plan will include at least 42 hours of classroom credit and the completion of either a thesis or a clinical internship.  In addition, those students who have written a thesis will be required to defend the thesis orally before the graduate faculty.  Students choosing to complete a clinical internship will be required to sit for an oral examination before the Psychology Graduate Committee.  No course in which a candidate received lower than a “C” may be applied towards graduation and only 3 semester hours of coursework in which a “C” was earned may be applied.