MSU Billings Catalog

English Teaching Minor *Program placed on moratorium*

For students who are gaining teaching licensure in a content major, the following minor leads to endorsement.  All students desiring licensure to teach are required to file an Application for Admission to the Educator Preparation Program.

Required Courses

EDU 497DMethods: 5-12 English2
LING 210Intro to Lang & Linguistics3
LIT 230World Lit Survey *3
LIT 312Adv American Lit I3
LIT 313Adv American Lit II3
LIT 320Adv Brit Lit I3
LIT 321Adv Brit Lit II3
LIT 499Thesis/Capstone: Portfolio3
WRIT 396Peer Tutoring1
Total Minimum Credits24

Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; students should check the course descriptions for required prerequisites.