MSU Billings Catalog

Chemistry Teaching Minor *Program placed on moratorium*

For students who are gaining teaching licensure in a content major, the following minor leads to endorsement. All students desiring licensure to teach are required to file an Application for Admission to the Educator Preparation Program.

Required Courses

CHMY 141College Chemistry I *3
CHMY 142College Chemistry I Lab *1
CHMY 143College Chemistry II3
CHMY 144College Chemistry II Lab1
CHMY 311Analytical Chem-Quant Analysis3
CHMY 312Analyticl Chm Lab-Quant Anlsys1
CHMY 321Organic Chemistry I3
CHMY 322Organic Chemistry Lab I1
CHMY 323Organic Chemistry II3
CHMY 324Organic Chemistry Lab II1
EDU 397GMethods: 5-12 Science2
Elective Courses
Select 4 credits of upper division Chemistry from the following in consultation with advisor:4
Biochemistry Lab
Phys Chem-Qntm Chm & Spctrscpy
Physical Chemistry Lab I
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry Lab
Total Minimum Credits26

May satisfy General Education requirements.

 Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; students should check course descriptions for required prerequisites.