MSU Billings Catalog

Political Science Teaching Minor

Students who intend to graduate on the 128 credit degree program should consult with Advising & Career Services and their faculty advisor before selecting a teaching minor. Some requirements for certain teaching minors can be met in General Education, but some others cannot. Students choosing to take teaching minors with requirements beyond 21 credits may take credits in excess of 128 to complete their teaching major and preferred teaching minor.

For students who are gaining teaching licensure in a content major, the following minor leads to endorsement. All students desiring licensure to teach are required to file an Application for Admission to the Educator Preparation Program.

Required Courses:
EDU 497AMethods: 5-12 Social Studies2
PSCI 210Intro to American Government *3
PSCI 220Intro to Comparative Govt *3
PSCI 230Intro to International Rel *3
PSCI 342Media, Public Opinion, Polling3
Restricted Electives
Select nine credits chosen in consultation with an advisor from the following list:9
Introduction to Public Admin
Intro to State and Local Govt
American Foreign Policy
Political Parties & Elections
Local Government Admin
Const Law: Civil Liberties
Const Law: Powers & Structures
Special Topics
Internship/Cooperative Educ
Total Minimum Credits23