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Women's Studies Minor

The field of Women’s Studies is interdisciplinary, sourcing from anthropology, art, education, history, literature, psychology, and sociology, among others. The curriculum reflects this orientation. The minor in Women's Studies will prepare students for occupational and societal success across a range of fields including, but not limited to: Art and Literature, Communications, Philosophy, History, Education, Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice, Native American Studies, Social Work and Counseling, Advocacy, Community Organization, Public Relations, Public Administration, Languages, Economics, Math, and Biological and Physical Sciences. For more information about the Women’s Studies program, please contact the Department of Social Sciences & Cultural Studies, or Christine Shearer, Dean of Arts & Sciences (657-2177,

Required Courses
WGSS 274Women, Culture & Society *3
WGSS 499Senior Thesis/Capstone 13
Restricted Electives
Select five courses from the following:15
The History of Women in Art
Diversity in Criminal Justice
Gender, Crime and Justice
Women, Media, and Society
Gndr, War & Film:Eur 1648-1945
Women & Lit
Women, Philosophy and Religion
Psychology of Gender
Sociology of Gender Roles
Other courses which may be used to satisfy Restricted Elective requirements:
Independent Study
Internship/Cooperative Educ
Total Minimum Credits21

Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; students should check the course descriptions for required prerequisites.