MSU Billings Catalog

Sociology Minor

Required Courses
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology *3
SOCI 318Sociological Research Methods3
SOCI 319Statistics for Sociologists3
SOCI 455Classical Sociological Theory3
or SOCI 482 Contemp Sociological Theory
Lower Division Core
At least one course from the following:3
Physical Anthro & Archaeology *
Culture & Society *
Diversity in Criminal Justice
Social Problems *
Criminal Justice System
Women, Culture & Society *
Restricted Electives
Select at least one course from two of the following five areas. Minimum of six credits, including three upper division.6
Area 1: General Sociology
Population and Society
Sociology of Violence
Soc Psych and Social Structure
Law and Society
Area 2: Family and Relationships
Sociology of the Family
Dating and Mate Selection
Human Sexual Behavior
Area 3: Crime and Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Ethics
Gender, Crime and Justice
Sociology of Deviance
Juvenile Delinquency
Sociology of Corrections
Victims and Society
Area 4: Social Inequalities
Native Americans in Contmp Soc *
Soc of Race and Ethnicity
Sociology of Gender Roles
Area 5: Health and Environments
Diseases & Society
Soc of Health and Medicine
Urban Society & Human Ecology
Environmental Sociology
Other courses which may be used to satisfy Restricted Elective Requirements:
Independent Study
Total Minimum Credits21

Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; students should check the course descriptions for required prerequisites.