MSU Billings Catalog

Political Science General Emphasis Minor

PSCI 210Intro to American Government *3
PSCI 220Intro to Comparative Govt *3
PSCI 230Intro to International Rel *3
PSCI 342Media, Public Opinion, Polling3
or PSCI 427 Research Methods
Restricted Electives
Select nine credits chosen from the following courses in consultation with a Political Science advisor. Substitutions must be approved by the Political Science advisor.9
Introduction to Public Admin
American Foreign Policy
Political Parties & Elections
Media, Public Opinion, Polling (if not taken as a required course)
American Presidency
U.S. Congress
International Conflict
Comparative Political Economy
Urban and Regional Planning
Local Government Admin
Const Law: Civil Liberties
Const Law: Powers & Structures
Special Topics
Independent Study
Internship/Cooperative Educ
Total Minimum Credits21