MSU Billings Catalog

Philosophy Minor

Core Requirements
PHL 110Introduction to Ethics *3
PHL 111Philosophies of Life *3
Lower Division Electives
Select three credits from Group A and three credits from Group B.6
Group A
Intro to Logic: Applied Logic
Indian Philsphies & Religions *
Chinese Philsphies & Religions *
Group B
People and Politics *
Stdies in Hstry of Philosophy
Upper Division Electives
Select nine credits from the following in consultation with your advisor from any upper division Philosophy 19
Philosophy & Business Ethics
Nature, Culture, Ethics
Death, Dying & Medical Ethics
Great Figures and Ideas
Women, Philosophy and Religion
Greek & Roman Mythology
Mythology Around the World
Total Minimum Credits21

Certain courses in this program have prerequisites; student should check the course descriptions for required prerequisites.