MSU Billings Catalog

Outdoor Adventure Leadership Bachelor of Science/Adventure Leadership in Health and Recreation Recreation Therapy Option Master of Science 3+2

Bachelor Requirements

General Education Requirements31
Bachelor Skills - Recreation Therapy Core
BIOB 101Discover Biology *3
BIOB 102Discover Biology Lab *1
BIOH 301Human Anatomy & Physiology I3
BIOH 302Human Anatomy & Phys I Lab1
CHMY 121Intro to General Chemistry *3
CHMY 122Intro to Gen Chem Lab *1
PSYX 100Intro to Psychology *3
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology3
PSYX 340Abnormal Psychology3
Outdoor Adventure Leadership Requirements
ACT 175Orienteering1
BGEN 105AIntroduction to Business *3
or BGEN 105B Introduction to Business
BMKT 325Principles of Marketing3
ECP 120Emergency Medical Responder3
ECP 312Wilderness Medicine4
HEE 310Methods of Adapted Hlth Enhncm2
KIN 105Fnd of Exercise Science3
KIN 106Fndtns of Exercise Science Lab1
Select from the following:4
Motor Learning and Control
and Motor Learning and Control Lab
Exercise Physiology
and Exercise Physiology Lab
REC 120Fund of Backcountry Travel2
REC 200Fnd Outdoor Advent Leadershp3
REC 210Environment/Leave No Trace2
REC 280Challenge Course Facilitation3
REC 306Applied Wilderness Leadership3
REC 308Appld Wildrnss Leadrshp-Winter3
REC 309People and the Environment3
REC 310Leadership in Adventure Prgrms3
REC 411Adventure Guiding/Instructing3
REC 466Ethcl Asp in Outdoor Leadershp2
REC 470OAL Operations & Asset Mangmnt3
REC 498Internship/Cooperative Educ2
STAT 216Introduction to Statistics *4
Skills Area Level I
Select 2 credits from the following:2
Beginning Rock Climbing
Beginning Nordic Skiing
Beginning Alpine Skiing
Beginning Snowboarding
Skiing, Snowboarding, Tele
Beg Fly Fishing/Fly Tying
Fnd of Whitewater Rafting
Fundamentals of Kayaking
Skills Area Level II
Select 2 credits from the following:2
Wilderness Survival
Instrct Strat: Bckcntry Anglrs
Instruct Strat: Ski/Snowboard
Instruct Strat: Rock Climbing
Instruct Strat: Water Program
Rescue Skills
Select 3 credits from the following:3
Search and Rescue
Ropes Rescue
Swift Water Rescue
Bckcntry Avlnch Frcsting/Rscue

May satisfy General Education requirements.

 Master Requirements

Core Requirements
ALHR 501Orientation to ALiHR1
ALHR 502Adventure Skills Training1
ALHR 503Cont Iss Hlth/Rec Ther/Adv Ldr3
HHP 502Rsrch in Exercise & Sport Sci3
REC 510Adventure Leadership3
REC 511Adv Guiding & Instructing3
Recreation Therapy Option Requirements
ALTR 520Therapeutic Recreation Process3
ALTR 521Assmnt, Doc & Admin Rec Therpy3
ALTR 522Therapeutic Rec Modalities2
ALTR 523Therapeutic Rec & Disabilities2
ALTR 590Internship3
KIN 462Evidence Based Assessment3
REHA 507Prof Orient & Ethical Practice3
REHA 515Med & Psych Aspects Disability3
REHA 519Human Growth & Development3
SPED 550Tchng Stdnts w Emtnl/Bhvrl Dis3
Select one of the following options:
HHP 590Internship6
HHP 597Capstone Project1
HHP 590Internship1
HHP 599Thesis6
Total minimum credits166