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Public Administration Master of Public Administration *Program placed on moratorium*

The MPA program requires completion of 36 credit hours:  21 credits selected from public administration courses listed, POLS 551, POLS 554, POLS 574, and up to 6 credits of electives.  NOTE:  Students must be continuously enrolled until the completion of the Applied Research Project (3-6 credits of POLS 574 and up to 9 credits with permission of MPA program coordinator.  POLS 574 may not be used to satisfy elective requirement.)

Required Courses
POLS 551Research Methods3
POLS 554Fndtns of Publc Administration3
POLS 574Applied Research Project3
Select 21 credits from the following:21
Const Law: Civil Liberties
Const Law: Powers&Structures
Human Resource Management
Public Budgeting & Finance
Public Organization Dynamics
Prog Eval & Policy Analysis
Ethics & Public Policy
Local Government Administratn
Special Topics
Electives must be graduate-level courses that focus on the student’s goals and must be approved by the student’s advisor.
Total Minimum Credits36